As Max International continues to expand and develop markets around the world, we're committed to grow and evolve our company to best fit the needs of our Associates.

Max International is, at the request of and together with Global Diamond Leadership Associates, adopting several enhancements to the Max International LLC Compensation Plan. These amendments will enhance some of the familiar ways of earning and will aid in promoting the growth that will ensure all Associates, world-wide, receive their commissions in a reliable and stable manner that prioritizes the generation of new income.

This update exemplifies the ongoing partnership between the Company and the Associates to drive new business growth, to foster teamwork development, and to encourage the duplication of success that allows our Max family to thrive.

Starting on December 1st, 2020, modifications to the compensation plan will go live with the following updates:

Prime Bonus becomes the Prime Bonus Pool

Available for Paid-As Senior Associates, Bronze Associates, and Silver Associates. The Prime Bonus Pool is funded at 5.2% of Max’s total global commissionable volume (CV) for each pay period. The Pool will be divided among Associates based on allocated shares.

  • Level 1 Qualification receives 1 share of the Pool.

  • Level 2 Qualification receives 3 shares of the Pool.

  • Level 3 Qualification receives 5 shares of the Pool.

  • Prime Bonus requirements for each qualification level have not changed.

  • Prime Bonus Pool Shares are not cumulative and Associates will only receive shares at their highest Prime Bonus qualification.

This change is designed to improve income opportunity for newer Associates.

Global Bonus Pool and the Max Living Bonus are now the Rank Bonus Pool

This Pool is available to Associates who qualify as Paid-As Gold, Platinum, and all Diamond levels. The Rank Bonus Pool is funded at 1.2% of Max’s total global commissionable volume (CV) for each pay period.

  • Paid-as Gold Associates receive 3 shares of the Pool.

  • Paid-as Platinum Associates receive 4 shares of the Pool.

  • Paid-as Diamond and above Associates receive 5 shares of the Pool.

  • Rank Bonus Pool Shares are awarded at the Associate’s current Paid-As Rank in the month for which the commissions are paid.

We’ve restructured the Global Bonus Pool and the Max Living Bonus to encourage rank advancement and to reward Associates who are building and leading strong teams.

These additional ways for earning income remain the same:

  • Retail Customer Income
  • Preferred Customer Income
  • Fast Start Income
  • Matching Check Bonus
  • Binary Income

Friends and Family

With these changes we’ll also be ending the Friends and Family program. Max substantially lowered the cost of becoming an Associate in all of our Max markets and, as a result, many of our Friends and Family participants have chosen to enroll as Associates. Enrolling as an Associate enables anyone to earn weekly commissions on purchases by enrolling their own Preferred Customers.

The Friends and Family referral program will be discontinued on December 1st, 2020. Customers that have earned credit towards products through the Friends and Family program will have until December 10th, 2020 to redeem their product credit.

Overall, the Company and the Associate Leadership are confident that these enhancements will ensure the longevity of stable, long-term income for all of our Associates. You can access the fully updated Compensation Plan via your Virtual Office. Please take the time to review. If you would like additional details or have further questions, we welcome you to contact the Max Associate Leaders or the Corporate staff in your local market.

Your Partners,
Max International LLC

Enhancements to Max International Compensation Plan

During November 2020 Corporate officials and select Diamond Leaders joined in a collaborative effort to assess various aspects of the Compensation Plan. After extensive discussions and collaboration, some significant changes were made.  Review the entire revised document here... Max Compensation Plan. These enhancements will take effect from December 1, 2020. Unfortunately, the Friends and Family referral program has been canceled.