Max Compensation Plan 2020 Update offers very generous payments

Ensure you get the lowest possible price for all Max International products by joining the AutoShip Loyalty Program. Earn an amazing 25% commission on purchases made by your preferred customers plus many other payments. Max International provides a sustainable work from home business opportunity that offers Health plus Wealth. Prime Bonus was updated on June 1, 2017 to remove requirement to maintain a regular AutoShip order.

More Ways to Earn Your Income with Max International Compensation Plan

Max International Business Opportunity work from home compensation plan

Version: December 1, 2020

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Full Compensation Plan

Max International was founded as a way to bring the life-changing benefits of our glutathione-supporting products to the world, and we can't do it alone. Max 'A' Team are looking for determined and motivated individuals to partner with us. The Max Compensation Plan outlines the opportunity our partners have to find their unique path and reach their personal income goals – whether it's some extra cash every month, enough for a car payment, or even enough to be financially independent. It's your life; we just want to help make it better.

Multiple Streams of Income:

  • Sell products and earn retail commissions

  • Start a team of Associates and earn Team Commissions

  • Earn bonuses for sales growth

  • Earn all-inclusive trips, awards, and gifts

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Info about the 2020 update coming soon!

Enhanced Prime Bonus - June 2017 Update

Increase your Earnings, Build your Team & Elevate your Success!

It's Time to Take Advantage of the Prime Bonus!

In order to enhance the applicability of the Prime Bonus and to also satisfy the U.S. government's rules regarding Auto-Ship order requirements, Max International have adjusted the Prime Bonus requirements. Compensation Plan Upgrade: The new Prime Bonus qualification requirements (i.e. removal of Auto-Ship commitment) offer even more advantages for Max International Associates to increase their earnings, these include:

  1. Associates can qualify for Prime Bonus income from their first month of business! These commissions will be paid mid-way in the following month when Monthly Commissions are normally paid.
  2. All orders now count toward Prime Bonus! All orders, such as Enrollment Packs and Standard Orders now meet the Prime Bonus qualification requirements. Auto-Ship orders are no longer mandatory.
  3. Meet the 100 PV commission requirement through personal and/or Preferred Customer CV! The 100 PV requirement can be satisfied with 50 PV from your personal order(s) and the remaining 50 PV balance can now be met through an additional personal order or by purchases from personally sponsored preferred customers.

Max International still wishes to encourage Associates to explain the benefits to teams and customers of taking full advantage of the security and value of Auto-Ship orders. Regular Auto-Ship orders (especially under the Loyalty Program) are the most convenient way for you, your downline and your Preferred Customers to receive product monthly. Remember that while an Auto-Ship order is no longer required to qualify for the Prime Bonus, Auto-Ship is the very best way to ensure you have a consistent order schedule of your breakthrough Max products and guarantees you get the very best price!

There has also been an adjustment made to the Max Living Bonus, the monthly payments are:

  • Platinum - $250
  • Diamond - $375
  • Double Diamond - $500
  • Triple Diamond - $625
  • Crown Diamond - $750

For additional information about this Work at Home business opportunity, please Contact Us and/or visit the Max International website.

Compensation Plan Enhancement - March 2015

Owning a home-based business is one of the most fulfilling engagements that you will ever experience. Max International and the members of Max 'A' Team are committed to provide you with the best product offering and business service imaginable to help your business succeed. Max International Business Opportunity work from home compensation plan delivers more ways for you to earn extra income.

When you partner with Max International as an Associate (independent distributor), you unlock a rare opportunity to represent an exclusive, and patented RiboCeine, one of the most meaningful nutritional discoveries of our time. Furthermore, you will have the combined opportunity to develop a residual income stream that creates meaningful income, new relationships, and new discoveries. We look forward to celebrating your success!

Max International has enhanced the compensation plan to ensure they reward independent distributor behavior that is in alignment with building residual success and encourages collective contribution, such as: creating new business growth, supporting team members, leadership development and duplication of a successful formula.

Helping people make money, getting additional income for yourself, and becoming healthier, that is what Max International is all about. Becoming one of their associates will absolutely bring you Health plus Wealth.

Max International has laid out the details of the March 2015 compensation plan enhancements in an infographic format to more clearly show how the compensation plan makes it possible for you to become a successful, work from home business owner.

Even the people that purchase your products can benefit from being part of the Max International extended family.

Preferred Customers can earn FREE Max products through our Friends & Family Program.

Max Autoship & Loyalty Program

While the peace-of-mind that AutoShip offers is great, there's even more you could be saving. Max International's AutoShip Loyalty program gives you the guaranteed lowest price on all Max products.

If you're on AutoShip Loyalty already, congratulations on getting the best possible price for your products. If you're not on AutoShip Loyalty, contact your Customer Care representative to sign up today!

Compensation Plan Summary

Max Plan, the Compensation Plan from Max International, lays out the numerous opportunities that exist to grow your income. There are two parts to the Plan: Weekly Commissions and Monthly Commissions. Weekly Commissions provide more immediate payouts to reward your work, while the focus of Monthly Commissions is on building revenue long-term.

First, become an Associate by purchasing a Starter Kit. Those who purchase a Starter Kit that you personally enrolled, or that enrolled through your upline, become part of your Binary Sales Tree. Those Associates enrolled by you are evenly distributed between your Left Sales Team and your Right Sales Team. As the left and right teams grow, the smaller of the two becomes the Pay Leg and the larger of the two becomes the Strong Leg. Those in your Binary Sales Tree generate Commissionable Volume (CV) for you.

Commissionable Volume:

All Max products and Enrolment Product Packs have Commissionable Volume point values. This is a way to account for differing currency valuations in the various products countries. For example, a box of Cellgevity that wholesales for $79 USD has 79 CV points. The cost in Australian dollars will be different, but the CV will be consistent.

Personal Volume:

There is also Personal Volume (PV), which is generated by any purchases made by you or your personally enrolled Preferred Customers that select autoship.

Weekly Commissions:

Weekly Commissions generate quick income, in that they are paid out on the Wednesday following the week during which they were earned. Very Generous 25% Commission paid weekly on alll orders placed by Preferred Customer Commissions. Fast Track Bonuses from purchases of business builder packs by your personally enrolled associates are also paid weekly.

Monthly Commissions:

A variety of Monthly Bonus Commissions can provide residual income for the long-term. Effectively build your Binary Sales Tree and actively enrol new Associates, and you will see your Monthly Commissions increase over time, Monthly commissions are determined by your pin rank, from Associate to Triple Crown. There are 11 levels in all. The higher your rank, the greater your overall benefits.

There are many different ways you can earn money through Max International:

Preferred Customer Commissions

When a customer that you personally enrol signs up for Autoship, that person becomes a Preferred Customer who can order at wholesale prices. The Loyalty Program offers the cheapest way to receive Max products via AutoShip. To receive this major discounted price you need to remain enrolled for at least 3 months.

You receive a 25% bonus on every order that a Preferred Customer places. This is in addition to receiving the 50% Personal Volume (PV) of the dollar value for the orders placed by a Preferred Customer.

Requirements To Qualify:

• Be an Active Associate

• Earn a minimum of 50 PV in the five calendar weeks prior to the customer's order date Team Bonus

Earn 10% of the CV that the Binary Sales Tree 'Pay Leg' generates each month. This Team Bonus is capped at $25,000 USD per month. Also, a maximum of 250000 CV can be carried forward on the strong team from month to month.

Requirements To Qualify:

• Generate 100 PV

• Enrol at least two associates who remain active with at least 50 PV per month

• Evenly distribute these associates between your left sales team and your right sales team

If those requirements are not met, then your CV will accumulate in both legs as long as you generate 50 PV each month.

Matching Cheque Bonus

This bonus has the potential to earn you more than any other bonus. It is paid on the Team Bonus of the people in your Enrolment Tree, through seven generations.

Each Associate that you personally enrol is a first generation Associate. Each Associate that they enrol are second generation Associates to you, and so on. Here you are rewarded for all of your hard work in mentoring and building a team, and inspiring the associates that you enrol to do the same.

Fast Track Bonus

When you order one of Max's designated Product Packs, you receive a special cash and CV amount. Selling one of these Packs to an Associate that you've enrolled can potentially earn you a bonus check every week. Unique benefits also apply when you order one of these Packs for yourself.

Double Fast Track Bonus

When three or more of your personally sponsored Associates purchase a Premiere or Professional Pack within a calendar month, you earn a Double Fast Track Bonus.

Global Bonus Pool

Max International puts 2% of the company's global CV into a Global Bonus Pool. This 2% is paid out to Qualified Associates as follows: The associate's Pay Leg volume month-to-month growth is calculated. For each 1,000 CV in growth over the prior month, the Associate will receive one share in the Global Bonus Pool.

Platinum and Diamond Pools

Another 0.50% of the monthly global CV is paid out to Platinum Associates and above. Another 0.25% is paid out to Diamond Associates and above.

Max Living Bonus

Associates with a paid rank of Platinum or above qualify for the Max Living Bonus. The philosophy of the Max Living Bonus Is to further enable successful Associates to realize their dreams of financial security, a memorable family vacation, or anything personally important to a given Associate. The Max Living Bonus begins at $500 USD at the Platinum level, and can go all the way up to $1500 USD at the highest ranks. Your rank is very much affected by the strength of your Sales Tree. The stronger and deeper your Sales Tree, the higher your CV becomes, which enhances your rank.

Please don't forget to remind your Preferred Customers and personally enrolled Independent Associates that to get the lowest possible price for all Max products they need to join the Autoship Loyalty Program with a minimum three month commitment.

Max International Compensation Plan Australia Max International Compensation Plan Australia

Max Compensation Plan Summary

The best part about going into business is making profit. Max International keeps it exciting by providing a variety of ways to earn. Being aware of what makes you money helps with both short and long term goal-setting. In order to understand the plan, it is necessary to know some of the associated jargon:

  • Two kinds of Volume
    Personal (PV) & Commissionable (CV)

  • Preferred Customers / AutoShip Program

  • Independent Associates / Distributors

  • Binary & Enrollment Trees

Two kinds of Volume

Volume refers to the number of points accrued when products are purchased. The actual number of POINTS assigned per product are based on the purchase price in US dollars and are the same wherever in the world the products are purchased.

Volume is divided into two categories: Personal Volume (PV) and Commissionable Volume (CV). Personal Volume (PV) is made up from your personal purchases and those of your personally enrolled customers. Commissionable Volume (CV) refers to the total number of points generated from purchases made by you and all the people in your downline.

Commissionable Volume (CV) or Personal Volume (PV) Points earned per Product

Product Associate Wholesale Customer Wholesale Associate Loyalty Customer Loyalty
Cellgevity 79 40 65 33
MaxONE 75 38 60 30
Max N-Fuze 75 38 60 30
MaxGXL 69 35 50 25

Get your favourite product for FREE every month with friends and family programPreferred Customers / AutoShip Program

Preferred Customers are those who have enrolled in the AutoShip Program, thereby allowing them to purchase Max products at Wholesale Prices. The AutoShip program makes receiving regular orders easier and it's FREE to join.

What's even better, is that preferred customers can ultimately get their favourite products for FREE, with the Friends & Family Program. A regular AutoShip order can be cancelled or changed at any time, Loyalty Program AutoShips must run for at least three months. Points (CV) generated by Preferred Customer orders count towards the Personal Volume of the Associate who introduced them to Max International.

Max International Independent Associates / Distributors working as a TEAMIndependent Associates / Distributors

Associates are people who join Max International with a desire to Earn an Income from promoting Max products and have purchased a Starter Kit. As an Associate, you will be building your own independent business, you are not an employee. You are in business for YOURSELF but, you will not be left to struggle on your own. You will receive Guidance & Ongoing Support from your Sponsor and those in your upline.

As you learn more about the commission payments below, you'll discover that the best way to build a strong Max business is by helping others join and become successful associates. The associates you enrol / sponsor become your downline distributors; while they are working for themselves (in the same way you are) they are simultaneously generating Commissionable Volume or income for YOU.

Binary & Enrollment Trees

Binary Tree

Binary Tree

Every associate is part of a sales team and is above either the left or right sales team. These positions and their respective teams form your binary sales tree. The side with the most CV becomes the strong leg. Max calls the other side the pay leg. Associates are members of your Max Sales team who have purchased . Associates that you personally enroll or are enrolled through your upline will be part of your Binary Sales Tree and will be placed on either your left sales team or right sales team. Associates who are part of your Binary Sales Tree generate Commissionable Volume.

Enrollment Tree

Enrollment Tree

There are FOUR major ways to earn commission payments. Max International products are supplied for Personal Use Only in Australia. Therefore Retail Sales are not currently allowed.

1. Preferred Customer Commissions

Active Associates are paid a full 25% bonus on every order placed by their personally enrolled Preferred Customers. This is in addition to the 50% Personal Volume (PV) of the dollar value for their orders (excluding Product Packs that have set PV values).

To qualify for the Preferred Customer Bonus, each Associate must be Active with 50 PV generated within the five calendar weeks immediately preceding the customer’s order date.

Pay Volume - the smaller of the two sides (i.e. Pay Team) + the surplus of your personal purchases (i.e. PV - 100 points)

Pay Rank - is determined by the volume of your Pay Team.

  • Bronze = 2,000 points
  • Silver = 4,000 points
  • Gold = 16,000 points
  • Platinum = 32,000 points

Commission Received - Monthly figures are notified by head office on the 15th day of the following month.

Commission Income grows significantly with several additional bonuses when a Pay Rank of Bronze or above is achieved.

Matching Cheque Bonuses are offered as a further reward for helping your personally enrolled associates build their teams. For example, at Bronze level you will receive an additional payment of 25% of whatever your personally enrolled members earn.

Residual income in Max International provides the strongest base for your future success. Over time, it may become your greatest asset and consists of: binary income, a matching check bonus, and a max living bonus. Bridge income is the higher income levels that help “bridge” the gap between getting started and a significant residual income. The three main parts of it are: fast start income, global bonus pool, and a prime bonus. Customer income provides you with results in a more timely manner whenever you share Max's products directly with customer. Associates that have preferred customers can make them an important part of their business by helping them meet and build personal volume qualifications with retail customer income and preferred customer income. Volume is the common international currency that is a part of every item that Max sells. When an item is purchased, volume is created. Qualifications and commissions' are directly connected to volume. The creation of volume is a process and, after volume is established, you can start qualifying for commissions.

The process of getting volume starts with customers purchasing Max healthy products. When associates' start making money, they can start working on being healthy and having additional income (Health plus Wealth). Every item that is sold has a purchase price and a volume amount. Commissions come from the amount of volume an associate gets. An inactive associate has less than one-hundred personal volume (PV) and an active associate has one-hundred or more of personal volume. When an associate purchases products, that is their personal volume and their preferred customers also increase their personal volume and qualification. If an associate has a team of associates, volume generated from their accounts is called commissionable volume.

To qualify for a commission, an associate's business center has to meet a sales criteria of 100 PV to meet the personal volume requirements for both weekly and monthly commissions. To get a monthly commission, an associate needs to generate 100 PV during any calendar month. If they do this, they can get binary commission, a matching check bonus, be part of the global bonus pool, get the max living bonus, and also get the prime bonus. For the associate that has a weekly PV of one-hundred or more, they will get the retail customer income (online), the preferred customer income, and the fast start income. The process of bringing in income has six parts: customer income, preferred customer income, fast start income, prime bonus, matching check bonus, and the max living bonus.

Retail customer income is earned when you sell product to customers at a retail price. An associate earns retail customer income when they purchase the product, sell it at the retail price, and then they get to keep the difference. Preferred customer income comes from enrolling customers in Max's Autoship program and then the associate receives twenty-five percent of the customer volume in commission from their orders. All they need to do to get commission from this program is: meet one-hundred personal volume requirement, enroll a preferred customer, get paid twenty-five percent for every completed product purchase, and fifty percent of volume from a completed preferred customer purchase will count as personal volume. Fast start income is achieved when an associate remains active with 100 personal volume, enroll a new associate, and get paid fast start income when their new associate purchases an enrollment pack within sixty days of enrollment. The prime bonus is a special commission earned in part for building a strong foundation of recurring purchases on Autoship from preferred customers and associates. The max living bonus rewards platinum and above associates who attain and maintain those ranks.

Accounts that ship to multiple addresses or use the same credit card for payments on multiple accounts will be subject to review by the Max International Compliance department.


Active Associate: An Associate with a minimum of 100 PV within a calendar month. This also meets the PV requirement for Monthly Commissions. NOTE: A minimum of 50 PV qualifies an Associate during a Qualification Period for Weekly Commissions (Preferred Customer Income and FastStart Income) and allows an Associate to maintain their Carry Forward Volume.

AutoShip: Is the most convenient way for you and your Preferred Customers to receive product monthly. Just select your products and we'll ship them to you the same day every month.

Binary Leg: All Associates are part of a Binary Leg. Each Associate is directly above a Left Leg and a Right Leg. These two teams together make up your Binary Tree. The lower Volume leg, whether left or right, is referred to as the Pay Leg. The other higher Volume leg is referred to as the Strong Leg.

Bronze Enrollment Team: An Enrollment Team that contains a Paid-As Bronze Associate within the first 7 Generations.

Binary Tree: All Associates are part of the Max Binary Tree. Each Associate builds a Left Leg and a Right Leg. These two legs together make up your Binary Tree.

Business Center: Your position in the Max Binary Tree created at the time you enrolled as an Associate with Max International. Your Business Center is represented by a unique Max Identification number which is provided to you at the time of enrollment.

Carry Forward Volume: Any Volume on your Strong Leg that exceeds the total amount of your Pay Leg will roll-over to the same leg in the following month.

Enrollment Team: Is created by every new Associate that you enroll, and becomes a part of your Enrollment Tree. Each personally enrolled Associate represents the head of a new Enrollment Team.

Enrollment Tree: Every Associate that you personally enroll in Max International starts an Enrollment Tree. Any Associates that they enroll are also added to that Enrollment Tree, and the same goes for anyone who this next group enrolls. Each successive level of Associates is called a "Generation". Collectively your Enrollment Teams make up your Enrollment Tree.

Enrollment Tree Volume: Total Volume generated from all Enrollment Teams.

Equivalent Volume: Is determined by the Commissionable Volume generated by the Pay Leg in a given month. For example, if the Pay Leg generated 2000 points and the Strong Leg generated 2500 points, the Equivalent Volume on both Pay Leg and Strong Leg would be 2000.

Generation: Each level of your Enrollment Tree is called a Generation. Your personally enrolled Max Associates comprise your 1st Generation. Any Associates who your 1st Generation enrolls comprises your 2nd Generation. Your 2nd Generation enrolls your 3rd, and so on. While this can continue infinitely, Matching Check Bonus (MCB) pays through your 7th Generation.

Inactive Associate: An Associate with less than 100 PV within a calendar month.

Paid-As Rank (Paid Rank): Is the rank at which the Associate is paid for any given month.

Pay Leg: Every month, whichever leg, Left or Right, of your Binary Tree that generates the lower amount of CV is your Pay Leg. The Pay Leg determines how much of a Binary Income you earn for each month as well as contributing to your Paid-As Rank level.

Pin Rank: Is the highest rank achieved by an Associate.

Power Team: The Enrollment Team generating the highest amount of your Enrollment Tree Volume.

Prime Bonus: Prime Bonus is a special commission earned in part for building a strong foundation of ongoing purchases from Preferred Customers and Associates. Retention is a key ingredient to a successful business.

PV Surplus: When an Associate accumulates 100 PV within a calendar month, any additional PV over 100 that they receive from their personal purchases or Preferred Customers is then considered their PV Surplus. The PV Surplus counts towards an Associate's Pay Leg Volume. Personal Volume from Enrollment Packs does not count towards PV Surplus. PV Surplus cannot exceed the Volume on the Strong Leg.

Qualified Associate: All Qualified Max Associates have enrolled a minimum of two personally enrolled Active Associates with 1 placed on the left and 1 on the right Binary Leg and have a minimum of 100 PV in a qualifying month to be paid Monthly Commissions.

Strong Leg: Every month, whichever leg, Left or Right, of your Max International Compensation Plan Binary Tree that generates the most CV is your Strong Leg. Any CV amount in your Strong Leg that is greater than the Pay Leg amount for a month carries over to the same leg for the following month.