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The combination of Cellgevity and MaxATP from Max International offer advanced glutathione support powered by RiboCeine. It's the Ideal Combo for people of all ages seeking Good Health and Energy to Enjoy an ACTIVE Lifestyle. Cellgevity can especially help Baby Boomers Enjoy Life More. Life's more enjoyable with Nutritional Supplements from Max International.

Tim Grosvenor: Baby Boomer enjoying Life to the MAX

Tim Grosvenor baby boomer enjoying life with help from Max International glutathione support

Tim Grosvenor

I have been taking nutritional supplements from Max International for almost 10 years. Now aged 69, I feel more energetic and full of life than I did when I was in my 40s.

I previously had a long history of back pain, not severe pain but annoying nevertheless. Back when I was in my mid-20s my regular / family doctor advised me that due to my height 193cm (6' 4") I could expect to have worsening back pain as I grew older and that I should just accept it.

In my mid-40s I was diagnosed with celiac disease, i.e. Gluten intolerance. That explained why I had always been so thin and had suffered from semi-regular stomach pain for more than twenty years. I would also pick-up any cold or flu bug that was going around. Since being on a Gluten Free diet I have gained 20kg and my general health is much better. Sadly, there was no improvement in the back pain.

A little over 13 years ago in Thailand, while playing with my young niece and nephews I accidentally tripped over, falling quite heavily against a hard object and hurt my back. Thankfully, nothing was broken but I did need to spend a couple of days in hospital. X-Rays showed that my lower intervertebral discs were damaged. I was unable to go back to work in Australia for 4 weeks. After several months of gentle stretching and exercise I returned to what was my normal level of annoying back pain.

More recently, about 10 years ago I had another brief visit to hospital to once again receive treatment for my back. Up until the time I discovered Max nutritional supplements, I would become very stiff and sore whenever I spent a couple hours gardening. The back pain would continue for the next three or four days. I also experienced joint pain from the early stage of arthritis.

Since I have been taking Max supplements I very seldom experience any back pain and no joint pain at all. I feel that I have more energy than I previously had. So much so, I took up cycling 9 years ago and continue to enjoy it more and more.

Orr and Tim enjoying the view at Lake Wendoure in Ballarat

In the photo above my lovely wife, Orr and I are enjoying a leisurely ride around beautiful Lake Wendouree in our home town of Ballarat, VIC, Australia. Mostly however, I prefer cycling on my own because I like to challenge myself to go faster up the hill or to catch-up with a younger cyclist I see ahead of me. Orr prefers to get her regular exercise playing table tennis as a team and social activity.

I like to cycle for about 60 to 90 minutes three times a week. I generally travel a distance of 20 to 30 kms depending on which route I take. When I return home from a ride I feel more alive, as if the exercise has cleared out the cobwebs or maybe it's that the endorphins have kicked in.

Anyway, I always feel good after I've been out cycling ... there's no muscle or back pain. I truly believe the enhanced level of Glutathione now being produced naturally by my body (thanks to MaxONE & MaxATP) is doing me a POWER of good!

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Tim Grosvenor is just one Baby Boomer who is enjoying life more these days thanks to Cellgevity from Max International. He also expects to remain active in the Golden Years by following a simple formula of fostering a positive attitude (through meditation), a healthy diet and regular exercise.

 Tim Grosvenor at age 63

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