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Meet the folks at Max 'A' Team. This support group was founded by Tim Grosvenor with assistance from Ronen Brown and Alan Sickman (Double Crown Diamond Associate). We have a helpful team of leaders and mentors in Australia, the United States of America (USA), Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines.

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Alexandra & Ronen Brown are normal people with an extraordinary mission: To teach as many as possible about the benefits of increasing Glutathione levels in their body so it can start healing itself, and the existence of the Max International patented products that can help do so.

Ronen lost his mother to lung cancer in 1998. When she was diagnosed, the doctors gave her six months to live. She died exactly six months later, but not from the cancer, she died from the treatment, which left her immune system so weak and vulnerable that it could not resist a simple cold.

That was a turning point for Ronen. After watching his mother die from the cancer treatment, and knowing his father's side genetic disposition to heart problems, he decided to change his lifestyle and dedicate himself to prevention and healthy living. He researched and studied the subject for many years and in 2008 heard about Glutathione and Max International for the first time.

When Alexandra was growing up she had many health problems, she was depressed, overweight and had a weak immune system. In 1982 she got introduced to Chinese Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This changed her life for the better as she lost 30 pounds, improved her health and received her black belt.

Ronen and Alexandra met in 2007 and got married shortly after. They love walking, gardening, the local Farmers Market, a good cup of tea, and entertaining friends at home. Both are strong advocates of adopting a healthy lifestyle, prevention and natural healing. They know that if we provide the right support for our body, it has the ability and power to heal itself from anything. The problem nowadays is that most people do not know what to do to help their body heal itself, or are not willing to take the necessary steps.

When they realized the importance of increasing Glutathione levels in the body, and saw first hand the power of Max International products, they decided that this was a knowledge that they had to share with the world. It has now become Ronen and Alexandra Brown's life mission. And because Max International has a generous compensation plan for sharing this knowledge, we can all now get paid for doing something that we would be doing anyways without getting paid!

Ronen and Alexandra are so thankful that through teaching others about Glutathione and Max International they can experience Success and Significance, and want to invite you to join our team in this quest.

Ronen and Alexandra's promise, "If you decide to join us in Max International, you have our commitment to support you and help you as we work together in achieving our dreams and making this world a better place, one cell a time".

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Tim Grosvenor is the owner of eBiz Marketing Solutions. In 2004 after 38 years working with Telstra in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Tim decided to explore his interest in website development and Internet marketing. Tim is now using these skills to help promote the health and wealth building benefits of Network Marketing with Max International.

During his time with Telstra, Tim worked in a wide variety of roles including seven years in the Sales and Technical Training field. Prior to leaving Telstra Tim was managing a team of over 90 project managers, delivering advanced technical solutions to corporate clients. Tim's teaching and team building background has equipped him to be an effective team mentor for Max International Associates.

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About this team of Independent Max International Associates in the USA

Now is the perfect time to join Max 'A' Team in the United States of America (USA). You will be selling the best nutritional supplements and health products available anywhere in the world and making a handsome profit while doing it. How good is that, could a business opportunity offer any more than that?

Michelle and Rick Teague made in excess of a million dollars from their work as Max associates, earning them the coveted moniker "Triple Diamond Max Associate". Rick and Michelle were instrumental in helping Tim Grosvenor launch the team concept in Australia back in 2010/11, and now he is bringing his hard-earned knowledge and expertise to the shores of America.

Michelle and Rick Teague have had a lot of success marketing Max International products, and now they are going to share their successful strategies with everyone who signs up to sell our breakthrough glutathione boosting nutritional supplements and the Visible Solutions skin care products. They will teach you how to sell efficiently, professionally and creatively in the competitive health and wellness market, using methodologies that are time-tested and proven.

Max 'A' Team mentor Ronen Brown in Los Angeles

Ronen Brown and his talented wife Alexandra love working from home with Max International in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, California. As a child Ronen Brown watched his father's health deteriorate and decided he would do everything possible to maintain his own health so he could enjoy playing sports with his son.

In 2008 Ronen Brown married Alexandra and discovered the health benefits of Glutathione. Together with his wife Alexandra, Ronen seeks to help others improve their health, wellbeing and financial security as independent associates with Max International.

Ronen learned about Network Marketing many years ago, but like most people did not realize how well it can transform their lifestyle. His focus was on a more traditional business model. Discovering Max International a few years ago and Max's patented glutathione support supplement has truly changed his life for the better. A home based network marketing business is a much better way of making money and enjoying time freedom than a regular job as an employee. Educating people about the benefits of glutathione has now become Ronen Brown's life mission.

The mobile phone number for Ronen in California is +1 213-610-6619. Tim's mobile phone number in Australia is +61 420 534 071

Tim Grosvenor retired from the corporate sector in 2004 and recently turned 69.  He says, "I'm fortunate to have had a wonderful work-life. I joined the government owned telecommunications organization in Australia way back in 1967 and have been continually exposed to the latest technology. After 38 years in a variety of roles in telecommunications I started my own little Internet marketing business. It was a good experience, I learned a great deal but after about eight years it wasn't going as well as I had imagined it would and I closed it."

So in 2012 I decided to take early retirement – with a superannuation pension from my previous government job plus the money I'm earning from MAX International I'm very fortunate to be able to enjoy a less stressful lifestyle.

I still enjoy building websites and keeping up-to-date with SEO strategies. In addition to managing a handful of personal websites I help a good friend in the USA to promote his network marketing business (not MAX).

My wife and I had the wonderful opportunity to live in Thailand for three years, we wanted to spend some quality time with her family, especially her mother who is in her eighties. It has been a good experience but, we are both glad to be back in Australia. While in Thailand I was able to work with the MAX business, in pretty much the same way as I do in Australia.

Tim Grosvenor and Steve Scott Max International Founder in 2012I've been with MAX for 10 years now.  Here is a photo of me sharing a joke with Steve Scott, Max International Founder about six years ago. The MAX business is going well  - I personally know several people who are making a lot of money with MAX and via Facebook I'm aware of a large number of people who are also making a lot of money. 

I originally joined MAX to make money. BUT I stay with MAX because I get REAL value from taking the MaxONE product. Other companies may offer greater wealth potential and/or a larger range of everyday products that are easier to promote than Glutathione boosting supplements.

Earning money is no longer my driving motivation; I am content to stay with MAX.  I'm not trying to grow a BIG business; I'm not relentlessly chasing after new recruits, I'm just happy to help those who are interested without the HARD SELL.

When Tim Grosvenor was asked for his view of the present downturn in the economy and his thoughts about bitcoin he replied, "I don't believe the economic situation is so bad, all things naturally cycle between good and not so good periods.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't trust crypto-currencies."

I don't believe I have any significant insights into the changing nature of business other than the amazing advance and reliance on mobile communications. Google statistics tell me that more than 65% of visitors to my websites are using smartphones.

One thing that will never change in business is the importance of building strong relationships.

Yes, I have travelled a lot in the past, especially when I was conducting technical training in my previous job. I've lost count of how many times I have travelled between Thailand and Australia.

Yes, there is a lot to learn about MAX. But we don't need to know everything ourselves, we just need to know who to ask for help and where to go to find the answers. I will be pleased to provide long-term support. In addition my sponsor Alan Sickman (Double Crown Diamond Associate) is also happy to support members of my team.