Meta-Switch Flexible Weight Management Plan

The Max Flex Weight Loss Guide offers guidelines on how to reach your weight loss goal and manage a healthy weight in a flexible manner. Staying at a Healthy Weight can be a difficult challenge but with help from Max International it is a lot easier.

Fit in 4 Weeks... And Beyond!

We know that for many people maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. Work, family, long days, stress, fast food, processed food, and more can make it difficult to lose weight and enjoy a fit and healthy life.

That's why we've developed the Max Flex Guide as a system that provides you with the options and support you need to see results. Our products serve as the foundation for a weight loss system where you decide which foods to eat, how intense your workouts will be, and what habits you'll want to change the most.

Breakthrough Products – Flexible Food – Flexible Fitness

By following the Max Flex Guide and using Meta-Switch products you have a way to set a healthy weight loss goal that fits with your lifestyle.

A Plan for Life includes:

  • Max Flex Weight Loss Guide: everything you need to meet your weight loss goals
  • Max Flex Food: a guide to eating for fat loss and healthy weight management
  • Max Flex Fitness: a flexible fitness plan that works with your lifestyle and activities you enjoy
  • Meta-Switch Products: breakthrough products that get results

The Max Flex Weight Loss Guide - A Plan For Life™ is a simple guide for balanced, nutritious eating, healthy fat loss, and flexible fitness. Designed to accommodate your lifestyle, this exclusive plan gives you flexible options to choose what works best for you to maximize your efforts for the greatest results.