Max International Compensation Plan enhancements December 2020

Starting on December 1st, 2020, modifications to the PRIME BONUS will improve the income earning opportunity for newer Associates. The Global Bonus Pool and the Max Living Bonus have been combined into a new “RANK BONUS POOL” to encourage rank advancement and to reward Associates who are building and leading strong teams.

Max International Compensation Plan Summary

The best part about going into business is making profit. Max International keeps it exciting by providing a variety of ways to earn. Being aware of what makes you money helps with both short and long term goal-setting. In order to understand the plan, it is necessary to know some of the company jargon:

  • Volume
  • Preferred customers
  • Autoship
  • Associates
  • Binary sales tree

Two Kinds of Volume

Volume refers to the dollar amount of products sold. Max divides volume into two categories: commissionable volume (CV) and personal volume (PV). The company assigns points based on the dollar amount (USD) generated by a transaction. CV refers to all sales volume generated. There are two ways to earn PV points: The first is by personally making purchases. You also earn PV points when the preferred customers that you personally enroll make purchases.

Max links preferred customers directly to you. These customers purchase product on a regular basis through autoship. Autoship makes life easy. Signing up for it means the customer receives shipments of products according to a predetermined schedule. Autoships can be cancelled or changed at any time.

Associates are people who go into business under your guidance. The purchase of a starter kit is required. The associates you help enroll become part of your binary sales tree; as such they work for themselves while simultaneously creating income for you.

Binary Sales Tree

Every associate is part of a sales team and is above either the left or right sales team. These positions and their respective teams form your binary sales tree. The side with the most CV becomes the strong leg. Max calls the other side the pay leg. You must understand four important ways to earn money as a Max International associate:

  • Preferred customer commissions

  • Team bonus

  • Matching check bonus

  • Fast track bonus

Preferred Customer Commissions

It does not cost anything to become a preferred customer; the only requirement is to sign up for autoship. There are two types of preferred customers: associate and customer. The beauty of this commission is that you earn 25 percent of the dollar amount spent by the preferred customers that you personally enrolled. Max International also gives you 50 percent PV of the USD amount of their orders. The qualification requirement is having 50 PV during the five weeks preceding the order date.

Max offers preferred customers an incentive. The company is willing to give your customer a free order for every friend or family member he refers. Each referral is required to spend the same amount as the referring customer on autoship.

Team Bonus

The team bonus is ten percent of the amount of CV in the pay leg of your binary sales tree. In order to qualify for the bonus, associates must generate 100 PV and enroll two associates who remain active with 50 PV. Additionally, there must be at least one associate on the left and one on the right of your binary sales tree. The maximum monthly commission is $25,000 USD. The most an associate is allowed to carry over is 250,000 CV.

The pay leg is determined by how much CV each sales team generates. For example, if the right sales team generates 490,000 and the left team produces 240,000, the left sales team is the pay leg and the right sales team becomes the strong leg. The commission is $24,000 USD and the carryover is 250,000 CV, the maximum.

Matching Check Bonus

Matching check bonus (MCB) carries the biggest payout potential offered at Max International. Associates earn a maximum of $12,500 USD per month on each personally enrolled associate. These associates represent the first generation of your downline. The associates enrolled by them are your second generation. The number of generations may go to infinity; Max pays you MCB through the seventh generation! There are six initial paid ranks:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond

Bronze pays through the second generation. Silver and everything above it, pays up to your third generation. Gold and beyond pays through the fourth generation. Platinum is paying all the way to the fifth generation. Diamond and double diamond both receive MCB on sixth generation CV and double diamond earns MCB through seven generations.

Max International starts you out at the platinum rank when you enroll with the premiere or professional pack. The only qualifications beyond that are having 100 PV and enrolling one active associate for each team. The platinum paid rank is good for six months. Having the 100 PV is a simple matter; enroll in the loyalty autoship program. You get great prices, great product and you qualify for MCB, team bonus, preferred customer bonus, and fast track bonus.

Fast Track Bonus

The fast track bonus (FTB) allows you to earn weekly income. You must have a minimum of 50 PV within the five weeks preceding the date of the product pack order. Enroll associates with a premiere product pack this week, and get paid $150 USD for each of them next week! Professional packs pay $75 USD in FTB and personal packs pay between $15 and $60.

You decided to go into business to make money. Set some short and long term goals that are tied directly to each element of the compensation plan. A good goal is attainable, but in order to achieve it, you must stretch slightly beyond your comfort zone.


The Compensation Plan has been modified to more fairly reward Max Associates for focusing on building teamwork and a sustainable work from home business. Double Fast Track bonuses have been removed and emphasis moved away from pushing business builder packs to a simple business model where each associate gets five associates and builds customer retention.

Originally this bonus replaced the ridiculous Double Fast Track bonus. June 1, 2017 the AutoShip requirement has been removed from the customer retention initiative, see Prime Bonus page for details.