Let the Meta Weight Loss Program be Your Plan for Life

Hard work and a balanced lifestyle are the keys to fitness and maintaining a healthy weight, but despite your best efforts, sometimes it just isn't enough. If you need an edge that can help you reach your goals faster and maintain them for a lifetime, the Meta-Switch Weight Management System may be the answer you've been look for.

Brought to you by the leaders in nutrition science at Max International, the Meta-Switch Weight Management System is an innovative two-part plan consisting of Switch, a powerful weight management supplement, and the craving-busting power of be Fiber & Protein Bars. Together, they work to support healthy metabolism, promote digestive health, increase energy, and help reduce the nagging food cravings that stand between you and your weight loss goals. How does the Meta-Switch Weight Management System work?

Metabolism, a term used to describe the chemical reactions within the body that determine how efficiently it runs, is not always as vibrant as it was meant to be. Stressful lifestyles, poor nutrition and other environmental factors can deplete the resources your body needs for a healthy metabolism, resulting in decreased energy production that can contribute to fatigue and weight gain over time.

Meta-Switch metabolism pills support a healthy weight lossThe Meta-Switch Weight Management System is unique in that it restores what the body needs for optimal metabolism with its patented Switch supplement. Its core ingredient, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), along with other proprietary ingredients that support cellular energy production, is a powerful antioxidant that helps trigger the body's master metabolism switch, AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).

AMPK plays an essential role as the driver of your metabolic rate. The recent discovery of this important enzyme is helping researchers understand how important an efficient metabolism is for resisting disease and avoiding the preventable effects of aging. AMPK is such an important part of processing of both fats and carbohydrates that scientists are investigating its use as a potential treatment for Type II diabetes, obesity and cancer.

What other ingredients are in Meta-Switch Metabolism Pills?

The blend of ingredients in Switch capsules not only promotes the function of AMPK, it gives your body what it needs to supports a whole range of functions that optimize the weight management process, without caffeine or other potentially harmful stimulants.

Anyone trying to lose weight knows that weight loss can cause a decrease in muscle mass and feelings of fatigue, making exercise and effective weight management much harder. Turning to energy drinks or supplements with stimulants may help for a few days, but will let you down hard in the long run. Switch counters these effects naturally with Leucine and Citrulline, keeping the body operating at an optimal level.

A pound of muscle burns almost three times as many calories as a pound of fat, making lean muscle mass critical to long-term weight management. Leucine, a branched chain amino acid (BCAA), supports the stimulation of the protein synthesis needed to build skeletal muscle, but a body low in Leucine can shut down the muscle building process. Switch replenishes Leucine, making the most of your hard work to stay fit.

Switch (metabolism pills) also contains Citrulline, a powerful amino acid essential to maintaining precious energy levels. Citrulline helps the body produce ATP, its primary source of cellular fuel, promoting sustained energy and improved endurance. Citrulline also supports quick exercise recovery by promoting the efficient elimination of by-products exercise can produce, such as ammonia and lactic acid, helping to improve tomorrow's workout today!

Several key vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin D2, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and Potassium, often found in lower levels in those suffering from excess weight, have been added to this proprietary blend to prevent nutritional deficiencies, promote overall wellbeing, and offer maximum support for weight management.

Be Fiber and Protein Snack Bars are good partners in your weight loss program

Are Meta-Switch Snack Bars really effective?

Meta-Switch be Fiber & Protein bars, were created to work synergistically with Switch; maximizing the benefits of both parts of the Meta-Switch Weight Management System. They contain the ideal ratio of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, and high quality carbohydrates to bust food cravings, support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and keep your digestive system humming.

Free from artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy, and dairy, these lifestyle-friendly bars have recently been reformulated for great taste. Just grab and enjoy bars as a nutritious replacement for high-fat or sugary snacks and let them work with Switch capsules to keep you energetic and satisfied until mealtime.

How will the Meta Weight Loss Program help me?

  • A convenient, lifestyle-friendly approach with two simple products that work synergistically, maximizing healthy habits.

  • Just two Switch capsules and 12 ounces of water before each meal supports metabolism without harmful stimulants.

  • Delicious be Fiber & Protein bars offer superior on-the-go nutrition to stop fatigue and cravings in their track.

  • Switch and be Bars work together to help the body build the lean muscle mass needed to support lifelong weight management.

  • Switch includes RiboCeine, a patented ingredient that supports the production of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps increase cellular energy production and promotes a healthy immune system.

  • Switch capsules and be Fiber & Protein Bars work synergistically to provide a consistent and user-friendly approach to achieving results that can last a lifetime, avoiding the dangers of yo-yo dieting.

  • Switch is Banned Substance Control Group Certified; a designation that means Meta-Switch capsules are guaranteed to have no trace of the stimulants or anabolic agents banned for professional athletes.

  • The Meta Weight Loss System helps regulate blood sugar and healthy levels of cholesterol, helping to maintain good cardiovascular health, even when the system has helped you reach your weight goal.

Physicians know the effects of being overweight can be devastating, but the researchers at Max International know that people struggling to achieve or maintain a healthy weight and fit lifestyle often give up because their busy lives are too hard to live with the fatigue and cravings that dieting and exercise can cause.

That's why they developed the Meta-Switch Weight Management System; to give you the critical support you need to feel great and stay on track to achieve and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals. It's no accident that Max International calls the Meta-Switch Weight Management System a "Plan for Life."

What are you waiting for? You have only weight to lose!


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Meta Weight Loss - Fact or Fiction?

Despite your best efforts, with exercise and a balanced diet sometimes it just isn't enough. The max International Meta Weight Loss program together with Switch Metabolism Pills will give you a little extra boost that may make all the difference.